YWEA Challenge


YWEA 2014: Igniting the Firewall

YWEA 2014 seeks to Ignite the initial phase of the joint venture between World Missions & Men & Women of Action’s African Firewall that will stretch across the continent of Africa. The African Firewall is a project of Marcelly’s Dream and hopes to enlarge the Kingdom of God by establishing ministry training centers that will house church plants, kindergartens, Internet café & computer training, after-school programs, soccer camps, and Bible Schools. Specifically we will attempt to fund the purchase and construction of three (3) Ministry Centers or Anchor-Points in Senegal, Niger and the Horn of Africa. Primary focus will be the care of children (daycare, medical clinics), discipleship & development of leaders, reaching the least, the last and the lost of Africa.

The Challenge

In an effort to raise funds for this year’s YWEA project, Pastors Neil and Doug have challenged each other to see who can raise the most funds. Pastor Neil, as many of you may know, is a die hard UNC Tarheel fan and Pastor Doug a Duke Blue Devils fan. If Pastor Neil should win this challenge, raising the most funds, Pastor Doug will dye his hair Tarheel Blue. If Pastor Doug should win, Pastor Neil will dye his hair Duke Blue. So which team color would you like to see sporting about? Donate today for a great and worthy cause and support your team colors!


Pastor Neil



Pastor Doug